Ideal for: Specific Locations

Meeting Rooms – Meeting rooms would highly benefit from using UV222, as in a closed indoor space there is a greater chance of contamination. Businesses would be able to conduct their work in a safer environment by being able to sterilise meeting rooms where larger groups of people would be attending with fast, efficient disinfection via UV222.

Cinemas – Keeping movie theatres sanitised and sterile as a proactive measure against the spread of any disease should be a higher priority than it currently is. With the help of UV222, cinemas can be decontaminated from any human airborne pathogens without risking the health of people in the vicinity.

Shopping Centres – Disinfection solutions for large public places like shopping centres and malls have never been this effective. UV222 works to keep public areas like bathrooms and food courts sanitary and lower the risk of infection from airborne human diseases, without any harm to humans or animals when exposed.

Hospitals – UV222 has the ability to change the future of hospital sanitation as there would be a significant reduction of infection and stop the spread of superbugs. By having concurrent disinfection and sterilisation in public areas of the hospital as well as patient rooms and operating theatres, without the health risks to human exposure that are normally associated with conventional UV light technology.

Terminals – Airport terminals are known to be hubs for superbugs and other human pathogens to travel and spread to anywhere around the world. Using UV222 in airport terminals would ensure safe travelling in areas where people are more likely to contract airborne disease. Maintaining a sanitised public area is a crucial priority and with the use of UV222 there can be a combination of cleaning and disinfection happening simultaneously, with safer sanitisation which does not involve chemicals or leave harmful residue that normal cleaning products do.

Cruise Ships – Cruise ship passengers inhale higher concentrations of harmful air pollutants than they would in a natural air setting, meaning there is faster spread of airborne diseases. By using UV222 cruise ship can maintain a new level of hygiene and cleanliness and heighten the health standards of service for the industry.

Office – By adopting UV222 into the work environment, businesses can flourish without the possibility of the spread of disease within the office. Conventional UV disinfection is detrimental when humans are exposed, UV222 can be used while people are working, and also be just as successful at sanitising surfaces and airborne human pathogens. Offices can struggle with finding effective, greener methods of disinfection, UV222 works to bring businesses and office workers the solution to reducing office downtime and creating healthier places of work.