UV222 Safety
  • How is Far-UV safe?

UV222 has been developed and patented by Columbia University in New York, engineered, and thoroughly tested in close cooperation with a plethora of universities. Lamp manufacturer Ushio®, developed Care 222®, a Krypton Chloride Excimer Lamp with a patented filter that allows only 222nm rays to run through. Today we know this technology as filtered Far-UV222. Ushio® and UV Medico have been leading the world towards more effective methods of disinfection that is human safe and highly effective. Far- UV of 222nm has been cultivated to be as efficient as conventional UV light without penetrating and damaging the skin and eyes, meaning there are no health risks to human exposure. Using filtered Far-UV, exposure can safely provide up to 90% inactivation of airborne human pathogens in occupied spaces. UV222 disinfects without the use of mercury unlike conventional UV lighting making it environment friendly. Also, Far-UV222 releases no chemicals or odors and leaves no residue.